Errmagerd! Ferrums!

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Errmagerd! Ferrums!

Post by Hoy Brothers »

So I finally got around to setting up an "official" forum for the project, now that I got my home and home-network in order. Just in case Facebook decides to take a dump, or if all of us curmudgeonly bastards decide to avoid social media, this will serve as a haven for All Things Image.

Sorry about the captcha and password complexity requirements, but I'm just trying to keep spammy and bot user accounts to a minimum.

PMs are available, and Sysop group is open via request, so if you are an Image sysop, please be sure to request group access.

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Re: Errmagerd! Ferrums!

Post by xlar54 »

Makes sense. Not a sysop, but I support the work you guys do!

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